Arizona Saints Chorale

December 10, 2021

    of Hosanna | Winter 2021

Arizona Saints Chorale is a charity choir based in the East Valley. Our purpose is to prepare the world for Christ’s second coming and build His kingdom on the earth. We do this both by testifying through song and by donating to charity. Each concert, 70% of the proceeds go to a sponsored charity. Past charities include Jacob’s Hope, Child Crisis Arizona, Veterans for Veterans, and more.

In this featured 2021 Christmas concert, HOSANNA, ASC teamed up with Jacob’s Hope, an organization dedicated to helping substance-exposed newborns in need of medical treatment and nurturing.

To support Jacob’s Hope, click on the following link:

If you want to support Arizona Saints Chorale, you can donate through our venmo, @Arizona-SaintsChorale, or through our PayPal, @thesaintschorale.

If you are interested in joining ASC, please email us at

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