Arizona Saints Chorale

December 20, 2018

    of Born is the King | Winter 2018

Watch the concert where it all began! This is the day we put together our first little concert that sparked the idea for ASC. We are so amazed that this small idea eventually grew into becoming everything that Arizona Saints Chorale is now: an organization dedicated to sharing the light of Christ through song AND by serving the poor and needy.

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    of Look Unto Me | Spring 2019

    Look Unto Me | Spring 2019

    July 17, 2024

    Photo of Forrest Chapin Forrest Chapin

    Join us!! June 1st at 7 PM is when our show will be at the address listed below! Feel free to donate between now and the date of the show and all the way up until June 15th! We take any and all donations! All the needed info is below!

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