Arizona Saints Chorale

June 01, 2019

    of Look Unto Me | Spring 2019

Join us!! June 1st at 7 PM is when our show will be at the address listed below! Feel free to donate between now and the date of the show and all the way up until June 15th! We take any and all donations! All the needed info is below!

Our PayPal account is

If you would like to venmo, its @Arizona-SaintsChorale

The more money we raise, the more items we can purchase for the Child Crisis Center!!

See you on June 1st!

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    of A Merry Little Christmas | Winter 2020

    A Merry Little Christmas | Winter 2020

    July 17, 2024

    Photo of Kamryn Heiner Kamryn Heiner

    This Christmas, Arizona Saints Chorale has partnered up with Child Crisis Arizona to put on a Christmas concert dedicated to sharing the light of Christ, not just through song but also by serving children in need. Visit to learn more about what they do, and the ways they help and protect the children of Arizona. You can donate to Arizona Saints Chorale and Child Crisis Arizona from our Donate page.

Learn more about our upcoming concerts.