Arizona Saints Chorale

December 20, 2020

    of A Merry Little Christmas | Winter 2020

This Christmas, Arizona Saints Chorale has partnered up with Child Crisis Arizona to put on a Christmas concert dedicated to sharing the light of Christ, not just through song but also by serving children in need. Visit to learn more about what they do, and the ways they help and protect the children of Arizona. You can donate to Arizona Saints Chorale and Child Crisis Arizona from our Donate page.

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    Arizona Saints Chorale is a charity choir based in the East Valley. Our purpose is to prepare the world for Christ’s second coming and build His kingdom on the earth. We do this both by testifying through song and by donating to charity. Each concert, 70% of the proceeds go to a sponsored charity. Past charities include Jacob’s Hope, Child Crisis Arizona, Veterans for Veterans, and more.

Learn more about our upcoming concerts.